.I wanted to start my first news letter about what line are you in. We all stand in lines! Just the other day my wife and I were standing in a line to get our picture taken. we were happy to be in the line. We had nothing to be worried about, because if you ever saw my wife you would know she is very beautiful. Who are you following? Are you following the  crowd or are you following Jesus?  What line are you  going to be in when you die? are you going to be  in the line leading to heaven hell? We all have to judge that according to God's word. My question for you today is, when we are standing in that line to give account of why Jesus should let you in heaven are  your feelings  going to be happy or scared? Well the ones who have called on the name of Jesus will not be scared. My friends  and readers I do not want you scared on that day. I want want you to be overjoyed, excited! do not let this newsletter go by you with out thinking about which line you are going to be in when all is said and done. There is no coming back once we take our last breath here on earth! So if you're  not sure which line you are going to be in, here is the chance to ask Jesus into your life!  Here  is a prayer for you: Jesus i'm a sinner in need of a savior. I believe you have died for my sins and you rose on the third day, and now you are in heaven. I ask you to be my savior all the days of my life. Thank you Jesus. that is all you have to do                                                                       

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    Author mark vlcek

    just a guy writing and helping people  in their walk with Jesus.


    October 2010